Brochure Design

Brochure Design We Took Pictures Created Graphics Designed! This design was fully customized and taken care of from start to finish.  A lot of steps are involved in creating great looking graphics.  We took the pictures, came up with a design and had it printed on a high glossy paper with no border. Nothing sweeter then having […]

How to make a website work

How to Make a Website Work One of the most important factors that make your site work is spending time directing your clients to your site, updating blogs and content weekly. This should always be your primary goals at getting going with a website. Blogs are very powerful and are treating your rankings with bonus points […]

7 Steps to Finding a Great Web Designer

7 Steps to Finding a Great Web Designer I see this a lot in the web design business, that is expected. So I thought I’d write a little something on what makes a good web designer.  1. First any most importantly are they a registered business.  I get it a lot with new customers, where […]

Google Reviews

Google Reviews If you haven’t heard, google reviews are a great way for people to make informed decisions whether your business is trustworthy. Google has pushed this function and by following googles guidelines this can trump all other search engine optimizations you can do by quite a bit. As a reminder, it’s best to ask […]

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To fully understanding SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) is a very complex and crucial part of website design. Without the knowledge and keeping up-to-date with how and other search engines update their algorithms you will eventually fall behind. If you’re new to SEO and are trying to get your business higher on […]

Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Domain Registry of Canada Scam SCAM ALERT!! We have recently received some of these in the mail and so have our clients. Dispose of these letters immediately and never contact them. If you do you’ll only escalate more letters and calls. It’s very sneaky and looks just like a government document. Do not be scared, domains […]

Tips for Building a Website

Tips for Building a Website 1. Know your audience. Fundamental, but many people forget it! What audience do you want to reach? Fellow scientists? Consortium partners? Potential investors? Journalists? Institutional bodies? The target audience determines what content you present. 2. Think about your content. Most of your visitors won’t know the subject as well as you do, and […]