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Website Design, Online Marketing & Hosting Company for Businesses in Newmarket and Aurora

Years and years of art and designs you eventually branch out to new ways of designing them; 3D art with Blender is a amazingly robust tool for creating all sorts of 3D objects. You can animate and texturize any object and bring it to life. Blender is a open source and powerful tool for the gaming industry and is often used for short animations or 3D designs such as small business promos, artwork for printing, concept art in product design, 3D printing and so much more. 

Our current design team focuses on building 3D assets for the gaming industry to be sold and used by other developers, and also producing our very own 3D objects and art for our own game design team. We have big plans for our company branching out into many new sources of media such as game development.

Game development requires an extensive knowledge in art and scripting code. Our programmers and design team have been at work for 2 years designing a new adventure for the gaming industry. Our web design team is in the process of designing a new website for interested followers to peruse our art work, conceptual drawings, ideas and other types of news about our upcoming game. 

Stay tuned for further updates!

Cover Club Media Team