How to Make a Website Work

Along with our search engine optimization we offer content writing. A huge part to keeping your site indexed or showing up on Google is to maintain an active appearance. By adding content as much as you can will ensure that google revisits your site and indexes you. They treat websites that have blogs much better then ones without. Consider writing material at least once a month or have one of us do it for you!

Have you ever noticed how quickly some sites such as news related blogs somehow appear in minutes? That’s because google checks more often to those sites and make notes of it. 

It's all about CONTENT

If you’re wish to improve your online profile with google then give us a call. We can sort out a montly package and get you more leads and business. We strickly work with local businesses only and our bulk of clientel are located in Newmarket and Aurora but we are available to assist any location York Region and all of Georgina.