is SEO a Scam?

Every business treats their website differently. However regardless of your situation it’s another front door to your business and its potential should be utilized. If you’re selling goods and services to the public or other businesses you need to look reliable, trustworthy, reachable and match the business you represent otherwise you will cause confusion.

We sometimes hear people mention that their business doesn’t need a website or any online presence. Now they’re 100% right, you don’t need anything to be a business, just a licence. However you’re potential is diminished without this doorway of business.

It’s not an easy task to get sales from online sources as it requires constant tweaks, updates and many hours of finding things that work and finding the right person to do the job is also a large hurdle.

SEO is all about content!

Now in our industry it’s very cutthroat, in fact it’s so bad you’re email probably has several or dozens of emails coming from overseas spammers trying to sell you services relation to getting you online and noticed. If you can trust us, then I will suggest you steer away from that immediately. They do not work and they will just take your hard earned money and provide you with a couple business registrations and then vanish. Another SEO firm you may have encountered are the  large telecommunication companies. These guys get you on your phone and keep you there till you drop your wallet and credit card. They charge the most for this service and all they do is register you with some accounts and sit on it. All of their services are also outsourced to other countries with cheap labour.

Another typically tactic we avoid is blackhat SEO and we see it all too often as new clients tell us their story. This is your quick and dirty way to get quick results online. In some cases a SEO provider will take this route to keep cost low. When this happens you will get penalized when caught. Getting yourself out of this mess is not easy and could destroy your business. Search engines are so far ahead of this game now it’s not going to last more than a few days to a week if you’re lucky.

If managed to get caught in the grasp of these scammers please give us a call and we can assist. We can offer a free consultation for your situation and suggest which SEO plans that can benefit your situation.