Preventing Further  Spam!

We see all sorts of funny, frightening and clever ways spammers and criminals use technology to sell or steal your information. Today we ran into a new one. The looking for a job email. Many of our clients are business owners and finding staff is a tough job(pun intended!) so this one was alarming to see come through. We do a very good job at filtering our clients from spam, but this flood was coming right into their contact forms built into their websites. This sort of email makes it past the best layer of spam protection due to it being rooted right to your website emailing system which is also tied to your domain name which in many cases is your It’s how website contact forms work and it’s an excellent way for spammers to hit your inbox undetected. As a result of that, spam is white-listed and only some email protection is available.


Here are some Steps! to Follow

• Check the reply to address or the contact persons email listed. Many have odd looking emails address that are suspicious. Something like would be an example. 

• Never open anything that comes packaged like a zip file or rar file.

• If attachments are present simply check the email is not spoofed. By quickly replying to that email and checking the email matches your clients. The name could be named the same but is not.

• Never respond to email from spammers. Even if you’re totally ticked off! They will send you more!

• Don’t unsubscribe unless it’s a well know business. 

• This most important of all is ensure you always have antivirus protection running. We offer special packages for all of our clients please ask about our antivirus packages. 

This is no foolproof way to safety but having antivirus is a huge benefit. We strongly believe you can’t use a computer without one. You’d be hacked in a few days maybe months if youre lucky. 

At Cover Club Media we offer fully managed hosting and website services for all business in and around York Region for over 10 years. A service that is well beyond the typical hosting provider. Contact us for details on how we can boost your business online while keeping you safe from hackers!