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There are two ways to take your website with mobility. You can either make an app for your product or service, or you can design a website that works with smart phones or similar devices. An app differs in a way to a website and requires a client to install a piece of software before usage. This restricts clients unless it has some benefit that client knows before hand, such as a game, or a utility. Not to stear anyone away from apps, but it's generally for existing customers usage. You should start with a mobile ready website. Then strive to make some of your services available via mobile app if you have such products and services that can be done with an app. Some great ideas for apps, are return on investment, product catalogs, videos etc.

Here is a chart taken from business insider regarding smart phone usage compared to PC.

mobile versus computer website design

At Cover Club Media, we can do both. Making mobile websites has become so popular that we usually only do these types of designs now. The way tecnology is heading it's almost mandatory to change over. The way a mobile site works is it is elastic; areas on your site will stretch and shrink. Placement of blocks and pictures will shift and be placed in a way it looks clean. Text, menus and links will grow in size so a smart phone user can actually navigate properly without the constant need of zooming in and out