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Email Spam. The person looking for a job!

Preventing Further  Spam! We see all sorts of funny, frightening and clever ways spammers and criminals use technology to sell or steal your information. Today

We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring We’re looking for a talented freelancer whom can provide written content. Quantity of pieces and subject will vary from month to month. Word

HTTPS and Search Engines

HTTPS and Search Engines We are constantly searching for new and improved ways to rank our clients further on search engines in an honest way.

Trifold Brochure

Trifold Brochure As the market changes from fluorescent to LED Jaftech needed a newer and modern look for their pamplets while heading to Light Fair

Google Ads

Compliment Your Brand With Digital Advertising A really good way to compliment your online presence along with standard SEO practices is to run online ads. Typically this

Beware of Big SEO Companies

is SEO a Scam? We’ve been doing SEO for a while now and have seen it all as for scams and rip-offs. It’s gotten such

Is SEO a Scam

is SEO a Scam? Every business treats their website differently. However regardless of your situation it’s another front door to your business and its potential

How Spam Works

How Spam Works It’s war for a clean inbox these days with spammers always finding ways around the various spam protections we can work with.

Brochure Design

Brochure Design We Took Pictures Created Graphics Designed! This design was fully customized and taken care of from start to finish.  A lot of steps are involved

How to make a website work

How to Make a Website Work One of the most important factors that make your site work is spending time directing your clients to your site,

Google Reviews

Google Reviews If you haven’t heard, google reviews are a great way for people to make informed decisions whether your business is trustworthy. Google has

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) To fully understanding SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) is a very complex and crucial part of website design. Without the knowledge and keeping

Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Domain Registry of Canada Scam SCAM ALERT!! We have recently received some of these in the mail and so have our clients. Dispose of these

Tips for Building a Website

Tips for Building a Website 1. Know your audience. Fundamental, but many people forget it! What audience do you want to reach? Fellow scientists? Consortium partners?