HTTPS and Search Engines

We are constantly searching for new and improved ways to rank our clients further on search engines in an honest way. One strategy we’ve been seeing very good results lately is transitioning to HTTPS. HTTPS in a nutshell is a more secure website. You’ll often see a padlock on your browser meaning this site is encrypting your information. This will ensure that any information sent from a webform, user login and more will be unreadable without the encryption key while moving back and forth to client and server.

In order to upgrade your website to utilize this type of encryption you need to purchase a SSL certificate. There are plenty of companies that can issue you a certificate and all that is required after the initial setup is paying the renewal fees. Setup is quite tricky to get working but with our SEO packages we cover the labour. 

Now the result with search engines is quite good. Google has explained that they will enhance the rankings of a website utilizing HTTPS by a small margin and will tweak and adjust as they see fit. This information was posted several years ago and currently no one really knows the true amount but from our experiences it’s not so little anymore. Now, if that isn’t enough to convince you to move things over then perhaps having a safer experience for your clients when visiting your website will do the trick. 

For the first year SSL is around 10.00 using one of our providers. After the first year it can range from 100-200 depending on who you decide to purchase from. The difference is typically in the warranty. The warranty basically covers your visitor damages in the event the security fails. This is an extremely rare case and would mean the end of that SSL issuer if it does happen. 

If any of this sounds good, and you’re looking to get this completed for your website then give us a call, we offer free consultation and no commitments on any of our services.