How to Make a Website Work

One of the most important factors that make your site work is spending time directing your clients to your site, updating blogs and content weekly. This should always be your primary goals at getting going with a website. Blogs are very powerful and are treating your rankings with bonus points by search engines. 

Getting going with a website needs a serious boost by your end to get going and further structuring your content ensures visitors stay and are engaged with your site. Search engines are typically logging all details on bounce rates, pages visited and with timers. The longer they stay the more ranking points you’re going to get.



Keywords are the Key

Using keywords is a great way to find the clients you want, but carefully using words that are unique yet unrealistic in a search query is going to result in no visitors. I typically stear from using big words unless you’ve said the word already a few times. By doing this your content is going to look less repetetive and more unique.